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Jimmy Dean Museum

Humble Beginnings


Born in Olton, TX, Jimmy Dean moved to Plainview with his family when he was young.  His mother supported the family by cutting hair and doing other jobs for people in the community. Though he didn't have much growing up, Jimmy didn't let that slow him down.



Jimmy Dean performed music solo and with other famous singers for more than three decades.

From the classic "Big Bad John" to other hits, Dean's music and performances were legendary.

Find out more about his music, and see Jimmy's very own piano that is autographed by numerous stars of years gone by.



Jimmy's entertainment career spanned decades. From guest hosting television variety shows to starring in his own, Jimmy made a name for himself as a television star and also appeared on the big screen.

To top it off, his ad-libbed television commercials for Jimmy Dean sausage are some of the best commercials you will ever see. And you can watch them at the Jimmy Dean Museum.

Sausage Mogul


After a conversation with some family and friends, Jimmy began to investigate pig farming and the sausage business. This interest led him to create the Jimmy Dean Meat Company in 1969, based in Plainview.

You can find our more about what led to this historic decision and Jimmy's eventual departure from the company at the Jimmy Dean Museum.

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