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An Exhibit Featuring YOU!

WayCon Exhibit Flyer

Please note - our curator has the right to accept or deny what goes on display at her own discretion.

Have you ever collected anything from your favorite movie?  Have you ever created some art inspired by "the absolute best" TV show or video game?  Have you ever worn a cosplay that makes you smile every time you think about it?


Have we got an opportunity for you!

In conjunction with Way-Con (WBU's Comic-Con), we will be hosting "Fandom Fusion: A Pop Culture Celebration" from September 1st  - October 31st.  For the exhibit, we want to put the creativity and passion of the community on display!  And we need YOU to make it great!


We want to give you a chance to showcase the talent, hard work, and passion featured in your pop culture creations and collections!  Some examples of items we want to display are art, collectables (funko-pops, action figures, Legos, etc.), cosplays, arts, crafts, figurines, comics, signed books, boardgames, merchandise, trading cards, special edition items, 


We will be accepting items until Friday, August 25th!  The loaned objects will be in our care until November 6th - November 13th (Please note - we are not wanting you to donate your goodies - just loan them for the duration of the exhibit!)  This exhibit is open to the community and campus, adults and kiddos!  If you have something pop-culture and cool and would like to share it with others, now is the perfect time!

If you are interested in putting an item on display, or if you would like some more information about this exhibit, fill out the form below!


If you are interested in putting an item on display in our pop culture exhibit, or would like more information about this exhibit, please fill out the form below!

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