Flying Queens

The Flying Queens are a women's college basketball team at Wayland Baptist University.  They changed the course of women's basketball, set records for the sport,  and were known for their international reach and their matching, stylish traveling  uniforms.


Flying Queens Museum



1600 Wins and 131 consecutive wins. The Flying Queens are the ONLY team in collegiate basketball history (men or women) to record a 131 game consecutive winning streak (1953-58). In 2013 the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame honored this winning streak.


Game Changers

The Flying Queens revolutionized women's basketball and  set records for the sport.  The basketball program  gave strong, determined women a means of obtaining a college education, and created opportunities for women to become leaders in the athletic and business world, which further opened opportunities for women today.



The museum highlights the international reach and the remarkable role that Flying Queens program had in changing the rules and growing the sport of women's basketball.