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Catalog of Past Exhibits

Picture Perfect

The camera, once a simple wooden box with a primitive lens and cap for controlling light, has undergone enormous changes since its invention, eventually becoming a tool that is in most people’s back pockets. Picture Perfect: An Exhibition of Cameras, which was on display May 3rd, 2023 – August 19th, 2023 at the Mabee Regional Heritage Center, explored the evolution of this ingenious device through a selection of cameras and accessories. 

Flying Queens Group Picture

Women of the Mabee

The "Women of the Mabee Regional Heritage Center" was a Women's History Month themed virtual exhibit that was on display on our website from March 20th to May 16th, 2023.  This exhibit featured artifacts from each museum related to women's history.  To view an archived version of the exhibit, click the button below.

Last Supper Exhibit

The "Art of the Last Supper" Exhibit featured depictions of the Last Supper in a variety of forms and mediums. The pieces on display were from around the world and included fine art, tapestries, household items and more.  This temporary Easter-themed exhibit was on display at the Mabee Regional Heritage Center from March 20th - April 29th, 2023.

The Mabee 2023 Quilt Show

The Mabee 2023 Quilt Show featured over 25 elaborately designed quilts; the creations of local quilters.  Some of these quilts had been showcased across the Texas Panhandle, including at Texas Tech and the Unger Memorial Library (Plainview, TX).  This Exhibit was on display February 2023.

The Nativity Exhibit 

The Nativity Exhibit featured the collection of Carolyn Cunningham, who owns over 900 nativities from 131 different countries around the globe.  This festive exhibit was on display from December 2022 to January 2023.

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